Emergency Asbestos Clean Ups

Emergency Asbestos Removal Millicent

South East Asbestos is one of Australia’s leading contractors offering the fastest and safest emergency asbestos removal Millicent buildings and facilities can rely on at reasonable asbestos cleaning cost. We have a strong reputation as we have been able to solve complex asbestos containment, extraction, transportation and disposal services for emergency cases since 2005.

A crisis in and around a building that contains asbestos as its building materials can become a health and environment hazard if it is left unattended. We keep such instances from happening with our ability to control emergencies in no time.

We have an exceptional team of dedicated professionals who are handpicked over the years for their excellence in terms of carrying out emergency asbestos cleaning services and mitigation. We are also backed by the right sets of tools, equipment and techniques that set us apart from our rivals.

We are fully licensed, insured and also have the necessary permits. All our work procedures conform to the regulations set by Australian authorities regarding emergency asbestos site cleanup projects.

We are available 24 hours, 365 days that allow us to respond to the calls of our clients who need emergency asbestos cleanups.

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Why is it critical to remove asbestos from properties?

  • Asbestos is carcinogenic.
  • Prolonged exposure can lead to a myriad of respiratory illnesses.
  • Asbestos exposure can also lead to mesothelioma – the medical term for tumours that manifests in the tissue lining of lungs, stomach, heart and other major organs.

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Our Approach: How does one of the best asbestos clean up companies remove asbestos from your property? (Can copy from Asbestos Removal page)

South East Asbestos, one of the best asbestos clean up companies there is  to offer, will plan out approach and carry out the following processes in a bid to keep asbestos contamination under control –

  • We will provide an effective risk-assessment, exposure control and customized work plan to our team members.
  • We will then mobilize our resources to the various sections of the work site ion a bid to box-in the contaminants quickly.
  • We will also work with third-party environmental consultants in a bid to ensure that what we are doing is on the right track.
  • We will isolate and contain the contaminated area.
  • We will install negative pressure shrink-wrap containments wherever required.
  • We will then carry out on-site cleaning and decontamination processes along with the recovery of items that are still in salvageable condition.
  • We will also offer our clients with the structure or facility decontamination.