Fire-Damaged Structures

Asbestos Fire Damaged Buildings Millicent

Do you need the safest, fastest, and the most efficient contractor that can take care of asbestos fire damaged buildings Millicent and nearby locations trust? South East Asbestos can get rid of fire damaged asbestos quickly, safely, and thoroughly.

Australia sees a lot of bushfires during the summer season. Apart from damaging natural resources such as forests, these fires also pose a risk to communities as well as properties. Now, fire-damaged structures that were likely built decades ago most of the time contains dangerous materials like asbestos in them. Most of the time, asbestos and house fires go hand in hand especially for old structures. These asbestos after fire poses a threat like no other to humans, animals and the environment alike.

Fire damaged asbestos becomes a greater hazard as it weathers because of its brittle characteristics. If a fire-damaged structure is left as it is for extended periods, the asbestos fibres can find its ways into the atmosphere and inside the lungs of people residing or working near the fire-damaged building. This would ultimately lead to a sudden increase in respiratory illnesses. It will also increase the chances of the owner of the fire-damaged building of being fined or being subjected to lawsuits.

We offer proper disposal of asbestos-containing materials from fire-damaged structures as we are backed by all the right set of equipment, techniques, experience, and of course, our experienced workforce who are the pillars of success for our company.

On top of this, we have all the necessary permits, licenses and compliance papers that make us one of the most reliable contractors that are capable of carrying out asbestos removal from fire-damaged structures.

Why is checking fire-damaged structures for asbestos important?

Damaged asbestos-containing building materials release asbestos fibres into the atmosphere that contaminate air, soil and even water bodies. All of these should be kept from happening as it can lead to environmental pollution as well as several illnesses in plants, animals and humans.

Why is it critical to remove asbestos from properties?

  • Asbestos is carcinogenic.
  • Prolonged exposure can lead to a myriad of respiratory illnesses.
  • Asbestos exposure can also lead to mesothelioma – the medical term for tumours that manifests in the tissue lining of lungs, stomach, heart and other major organs.

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Our Approach: How do we check fire-damaged structures for asbestos and how do we remove it properly if found?

We contain such instances from happening by –

  • Keeping damaged asbestos-containing building materials from dispersing into the atmosphere as free fibre and small fibre bundles.
  • Containing and removing building materials that are on their way to becoming a health and environmental hazard.
  • Figuring out the adjacent circular zone of coarse fragment scatter and contain the same.
  • Erecting temporary fencing and cleaning priority traffic areas followed by asbestos contamination inspections in a bid to contain the issue in no time.

After this, we will carry out investigation and reporting processes all thanks to our highly experienced. We undertake safe and efficient decontamination down to a non-detectable and sterile level. We will also carry out laboratory sampling will then validate the decontamination process to ensure full client satisfaction.

After this, we will carefully plan, carry out and manage asbestos removal services in a bid to keep contamination and related disruptions to the environment at a minimum.

We will surround the site area with security fencing along with appropriate signage/ notices. We will allow only our trained and authorised personnel to enter the worksite. We will also place decontamination units and asbestos waste skips in and around the site to keep further contamination at bay.