Asbestos Registers

Asbestos Register Millicent

Need the most reliable asbestos register Millicent has to offer at reasonable rates? Well, your worries now come to an end as we have been offering our asbestos sampling services to our ever-increasing client base since 2005.

Asbestos sampling is an essential step that needs to carried out before a project site with a building that was built during the 90s as it will allow us and our clients to understand the nature of the asbestos-containing materials that are present in the same.

Asbestos sampling also allows us to ensure that the asbestos-containing materials present in the building are in a manageable state or not. If it is the latter then an asbestos inspection would allow us to prepare our team with the right set of equipment and tools before sending them to mitigate the issue on-site.

Asbestos Survey Millicent

Looking for a reliable contractor that can provide the most meticulous asbestos survey Millicent has seen? We are fully licensed, insured, and backed by a team of dedicated professionals who have years of experience in asbestos sampling as well as creating a detailed asbestos risk register. This allows us to be the number one choice for our entire loyal customer who calls us before starting any renovation, deconstruction, strip-out or demolition work in a building that was built before or during the 90s. Clients also call us before buying an old property to see a loose-fill asbestos register as they want to ensure that they are not subjecting their loved ones or their employees/clients to the ill-effects of asbestos.

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Why are asbestos registers, surveys, and inspections done?

Asbestos sampling allows us to ensure the type of asbestos we would have to deal with, contain and dispose off in a site. Asbestos may be present in a site as a contaminant in any of the following forms –

  • Asbestos fibres
  • Asbestos powder
  • Fire damaged asbestos
  • Large pieces of asbestos-containing building materials.

Each of the aforementioned forms of asbestos needs to be handled in varying manners as they can pollute the environment and affect human health differently. We take the samples and send them to our in-house laboratory where our experts advise us with the ways we can tackle the problem lies ahead.

Why is it critical to remove asbestos from properties?

  • Asbestos is carcinogenic.
  • Prolonged exposure can lead to a myriad of respiratory illnesses.
  • Asbestos exposure can also lead to mesothelioma – the medical term for tumours that manifests in the tissue lining of lungs, stomach, heart and other major organs.

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Our Approach: How do we do asbestos registers, surveys, and inspections?

Our asbestos sampling process begins with –

  • A trained and experienced team of professionals will enter the project site and take asbestos samples.
  • We will then send the samples to our in-house team of knowledgeable and experienced personnel who will identify the form and overall condition of the asbestos present in the project site.
  • Following the above step, our experts will determine the risk associated with the project and the action that should be taken by our asbestos collection, decontamination and transportation teams.

All of the above mentioned is possible thanks to the professionals who have years of experience working with asbestos under our payroll. We are also backed by licensed asbestos assessors as well as individuals who have undertaken training courses in asbestos identification.