Asbestos Soil Remediation

Asbestos Soil Treatment Millicent

South East Asbestos also has been the one-stop-solution provider for plenty of clients in Limestone Coast and its surrounding areas for a while when they are looking for a reliable asbestos soil remediation contractor and the most effective asbestos soil treatment Millicent and nearby locations have to offer.

We understand that old buildings that have asbestos-containing sheets as construction materials can release toxic asbestos fibres into the ground. Although this scenario doesn’t pose threat to plants, animals or the environment directly, it does pose a threat to humans when the building is being subjected to deconstruction, renovation or demolition works.

We have all the necessary tools, and equipment we may need to carry out asbestos soil remediation projects in the most efficient manner. On top of this, we are also backed by a dedicated team of efficient and experienced professionals whom we have handpicked over the years. We also subject our team member to periodic refresher training sessions in a bid to allow them to hone their skills in asbestos soil testing, treatment, and disposal.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, another aspect that makes us the perfect asbestos soil remediation solutions provider is our company is registered, licensed and insured. On top of this, we ensure that the works we do are complying with the norms set by the Australian authorities regarding asbestos soil remediation and decontamination.

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Why is asbestos soil remediation done and why is it important?

Asbestos in the soil does not affect the environment directly. It also doesn’t affect plans and animal life given the site at which the soil is contaminated with asbestos fibres is compacted, screened or covered with a thick layer of soil from elsewhere in a bid to keep the asbestos fibres from getting released into the atmosphere.

Soil remediation in construction, demolition or renovation sites is essential to keep workers on the site as well as the people who will come to reside or work in the site after the renovation or construction of the newly planned building is being completed.

Why is asbestos contaminated soil disposal critical?

  • Asbestos is carcinogenic so getting rid of asbestos contaminated soil immediately and properly is very important.
  • Prolonged exposure can lead to a myriad of respiratory illnesses.
  • Asbestos exposure can also lead to mesothelioma – the medical term for tumours that manifests in the tissue lining of lungs, stomach, heart and other major organs.

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Our Approach: How do we do asbestos soil remediation?

We work with our clients alongside the Environmental Health & Safety professionals present on-site as well as the engineering staff associated with the project.

This allows us to develop a suitable plan to meet the necessary –

  • Schedule
  • Safety concerns and
  • The budget of our client.

We have developed procedures for asbestos soil remediation where we utilise diesel-powered industrial vacuum loaders with self-contained automated baggers. We use this equipment to remove approximately six feet of soil. After this, the contaminated soil is bagged in super sacks and safely disposed of.

In case soil removal is not necessary for a certain project site, we can always cover the contaminated sections of the site with fresh layers of soil that are more than six feet thick so that the asbestos fibres are kept from getting released into the atmosphere.