Asbestos Site Clean Ups

Asbestos Clean Up Service Millicent

South East Asbestos also offers the most thorough asbestos clean up service Millicent and the surrounding areas have seen and that too at reasonable asbestos cleanup cost. We understand that buying an old home or commercial property here in Australia is always a gamble as it may contain asbestos. This is the reason why people often choose to renovate, deconstruct, strip out or downright demolish old structures so that a new building that conforms to modern safe methods of construction.

Now, when an old building is being renovated or demolished, the asbestos-containing materials that were hidden inside it are now exposed to the elements thereby posing threat to both the environment and humans. This is where we come in. We will ensure that all the exposed asbestos-containing materials are being carefully contained and then the project site is being subjected to strict decontamination procedure.

We have the skills, the experience, the tools, the equipment and backing from a dedicated handpicked team of professionals who have years of experience in this sector.

We are fully licensed and insured. We make sure that all the business practices we follow in our company comply with the strict rules put forth by the Australian authorities.

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Why is it critical to remove asbestos from properties and get the best asbestos cleanup near me?

  • Asbestos is carcinogenic so you need to go on the internet and look for asbestos cleanup near me.
  • Prolonged exposure can lead to a myriad of respiratory illnesses.
  • Asbestos exposure can also lead to mesothelioma – the medical term for tumours that manifests in the tissue lining of lungs, stomach, heart and other major organs.

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Our Approach: How do we remove asbestos?

We will begin by cleaning the work area in a bid to remove all the dust and debris from horizontal surfaces using any or both of the following two methods –

The first method is the all too popular wet wipe method where damp rags will be used to wipe all horizontal surfaces as mentioned earlier.
Our team will also be using an atomizer bottle that will contain a solution of PVA glue and water that will help the asbestos fibres to stick on debris surfaces.

As soon as the area is cleaned and the aforementioned solution is sprayed on all the debris present in the worksite, our team members will go ahead and collect all the wipes along with the asbestos-containing materials in an approved asbestos waste bag or container.

The second method that we often apply for complex site cleanup projects is to use both a HEPA vacuum and the previously mentioned wet wipe method.

Our team member will be using an industrial HEPA filter vacuum that will help them to control airborne fibres and dust emanating from asbestos-containing materials present in the project site.